Wheel alignment is the process of adjusting the angles of wheels to match the specific angles as recommended by the manufacturer. Most manufacturers align car wheels for the best performance and road handling. Properly-aligned wheels ensure that there’s smooth contact between the road surface and wheels. This contributes to comfort and ease of driving.

Over time, the wheels in every car become misaligned. The main cause of wheel misalignment in your Lexus is rough driving or driving on rough roads with potholes, bumps, or hitting curbs. Hitting any of these things on a rough road can cause the wheels in your Lexus can get knocked out of alignment.

Common Signs of Wheel Misalignment

When the wheels in your Lexus become misaligned, you are bound to notice some signs pointing to the problem. The first sign that you may notice is that your car may pull to one side while you drive. This is majorly due to the wheel being off center.

Another result of poor wheel alignment is that you may experience vibrations in the steering wheel. These vibrations can also spread through the rest of your car as you drive. The steering wheel may also become difficult to turn and maneuver as you drive. You may notice that you have difficulty in driving straight ahead as a result of the wheels pulling in different directions.

You may also notice squealing noises in the wheels of your Lexus. This is because the wheels are pulling in different directions while your car is moving forward.

Effects of Poor Wheel Alignment on your Lexus

Misaligned wheels in your Lexus can have several negative effects on your car. Uneven wear and tear of the wheels is one of the major symptoms of poor wheel alignment. This is because the poor alignment will put undue strain on different wheels, causing them to age differently.

Driving on worn out tires increases the chances of your wheels slipping while driving, leaving your car at a risk of accidents. As a result, you’ll find that some of your wheels need replacing more often than normal.

Another effect of poor wheel alignment is that it will make your car unsafe to drive due to the difficulty in controlling the steering wheel. The last thing that you want to happen to you as you drive on a busy highway is for your steering wheel to get stuck when you are trying to make a turn. Poor wheel alignment can create an unsafe driving environment for you and other road users.

In addition, the wheels in your Lexus form part of the suspension that makes your car comfortable to ride in. This is why when they become misaligned, the rest of the suspension system in your car becomes strained. This strain can lead to damages in the other parts of the suspension that would have to overcompensate for the wheels getting pulled in different directions.

Moreover, misaligned wheels can cause the engine to work harder because of the tires pulling incorrectly. This will result in your car consuming more fuel to cover distances that it would normally cover for less.

How Often You Should Get Your Lexus Wheels Aligned

The simple answer to this question is: regularly. It is impossible to avoid hitting every pothole or missing every curb. Rough roads require that your car moves over bumps. There’s only so much you can do as a driver to avoid road debris and paving imperfections.

Getting your wheels aligned regularly will help you ensure that your Lexus remains safe for you and other road users. In addition, by regularly aligning your wheels, you’ll be able to save on the money that you would need to replace the wheels on your Lexus.

Lexus Wheel Alignment

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Regularly getting your wheels aligned will also help prolong the life of the suspension in your Lexus, since it will no longer have to compensate for misaligned wheels. Wheel alignment problems need specific equipment to diagnose and adjust. This is why you should stick with our specialized auto mechanics for quality services you can trust.

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